Créations Métaphores


Ma Biche sur le Toit

Ma Biche sur le Toit (2018)

Type de projet Restaurant
Localization 4-8 Rue du Lieutenant Colonel Pélissier, 31000 Toulouse
Prescripteur Architectures Marco Baertich
Confectionneur Philippe Coppel
Photographe Marjorie Mailhol

Megaprism strengthens its presence in Toulouse: discover the first rooftop of the city, on the roofs of Galeries Lafayette. The new gastronomic rendez vous, with Michel Sarran's double Michelin star chef's card.

An incredible project carried by the Architectures Marco Baertich agency.

The textile expertise of Créations Métaphores has been solicited to contribute to this ambitious project: the wall hangings take up the pattern of jacquard fabric Megaprisme.

At the request of the agency, the fabric was made to measure : the size of the drawing was doubled. A complete success!

Produits utilisés

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