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Pando Furniture

Pando Furniture

Type de projet Furniture
Localization 31, rue Jacob 75006 Paris
Prescripteur Bruno Moinard Editions
Photographe Jacques Pépion

With a signature style that prioritizes passion for materials and purity, Bruno Moinard Editions, in partnership with Créations Métaphores, has created a stylish sideboard that is full of surprises.

"The tradition and the richness of French craftsmanship is unsurpassed. In creating Bruno Moinard Editions, I wished to deepen my knowledge of this know-how and integrate it in my creative process.

Horse hair and its transformation is the epitomy of everything that I love :

- Its history, from a strand of horse hair to the making of crinoline or seats of stagecoaches, is long and chivalrous.

- Its incomparable qualities, chatoyance, softness and solidity confer upon it an aesthetics of luxury without ostentation that I cherish.

- Its scarcity, owing to its origin and the mastery of its weaving which subsists only through the craftsmanship of a few women in just one French workshop.

During the creation of furniture, I like to think about the line and the materials at the same time, I like to see them both influencing each other inextricably. Horse hair is an ideal partner in this endeavour. It is also my desire to pay tribute to the hand of the crafts person that enables me to create unique and refined furniture." - Bruno Moinard

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