Créations Métaphores


Straf Hôtel

Straf Hôtel (2016)

Type de projet Hotel
Localization Via San Raffaele, 3 - 20121 Milano Italy
Prescripteur CQ Studio
Photographes Yoshie Nishikawa, Paolo Alberto Gatti

During the Salone del Mobile, Créations Métaphores and CQ Studio collaborated for the presentation of the Straf's Suite de Luxe and the renovation of the lobby, featuring exclusive fabrics from our Cosmos Collection (2016), among which the graphic Megaprisme and the laminated print Discovery.

Produits utilisés

  • bronzeMEGAPRISME BRONZE71302/013
  • montaigne-impatienceMONTAIGNE IMPATIENCE98462/005
  • montaigne-sapinMONTAIGNE SAPIN98462/009
  • bronzePRISME BRONZE71300/013
  • dunePRISME DUNE71300/004
  • goldDISCOVERY GOLD71297/004
  • onyxDISCOVERY ONYX71297/009
  • titaneDISCOVERY TITANE71297/003