Créations Métaphores


Le Crin

A noble material and exceptional savoir-faire

The Le Crin label has inherited a patent registered in 1787, and creates incomparably elegant fabrics made from horse hair. Soft as silk, solid and hard-wearing, this outstanding material is the inspiration behind collections of high-end soft furnishings. From the Louvre to the White House, from Buckingham Palace to the Elysée Palace, Le Crin decorates the world's most beautiful dwellings.

The prestigious Le Crin brand-name is heir to outstanding traditional savoir-faire: horse hair weaving. The workshop in the small village of Challes, in the county of Sarthe, is today the only one in the world to do this highly intricate and painstaking work by hand, and has done for two centuries.

Linen, wool and sisal, metallic thread or printed patterns are mixed with the horse hair to create new effects of touch, colour or light. Nuances of blue, red and mauve are introduced along with natural dyes, in widths of up to 140cm for net. This creativity and outstanding savoir-faire were rewarded in 2007 by the attribution of the 'Living Heritage Company' label.